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Eva & John just moved to Stevens Point and are living at the Salvation Army Hope Center. Their single mom struggled to find work and put food on the table. They had a difficult time adjusting to their new home and new school. Because the Boys & Girls Club opened its doors to them, they eat a nutritious, free dinner every night and have a fun, safe place to meet new friends and just be kids.
YOUR donation provides food and a safe place for Eva & John.

Brandon is a teen who struggles with completing homework assignments. His teachers have considered holding him back a grade due to his performance. Since both his parents work late into the evening, Brandon comes home to an empty house. The Boys & Girls Club opened its doors to him, where he gets one-on-one homework help after school, has increased reading levels, and has a newfound excitement for learning. YOUR donation helps Brandon get the academic help he needs.
Education Specialist @ Plover Center
The following is a letter I received during the summer of 2014 while I was working as the Education Specialist at the Plover Boys & Girls Club: 

Dear Ms. Tiphany,

I can’t believe that you are my friend, because I sometimes don’t get friends when I enter new places. I will never forget you, ever in my whole entire life. I can never let you down. You are one of the most beautiful people that I’ve ever seen. You always cheer me up when I’m feeling sad. Thank you so much for being my best friend.

I believe that the impact I make with our members is in small, simple, everyday actions that don’t really look all that impressive individually. I do what all of our staff members do; I go into the Club each day as if it were a fresh start for each member, regardless of what the previous day held. I smile and say hello to each person I encounter. I ask how they’ve been and genuinely listen when they answer. I provide stability and consistency throughout the day while still understanding that Club members just want to have fun. This was exactly the case with the young girl who wrote me that kind letter. I did not pay extra attention to her while she was at club, I treated her as I treat all members, with dignity and respect and kindness. I didn’t know that I was making this much of an impact on her, just as I, or any other staff at the club cannot know how much of an impact we are making with the members we see each and every day. One small action at a time each of the Boys & Girls Club staff is helping to change and shape the lives of our members for a better, more great future.
Matt T.
Program Coordinator @ Almond-Bancroft Extention
This summer I moved from working at the Teen Center to working at the Boys and Girls Club site in Almond-Bancroft. The transition from working with Teens to working with Elementary aged students was different but it only took me a few days to start to really enjoy it. On my second day of working in Almond this summer we were playing a game of dodgeball outside when I noticed a new girl, sitting on the side of the dodgeball court, looking rather scared and apprehensive about playing. I decided to go to the side and ask her if she wanted to play. She replied, “No, I’m not very good at Dodgeball”. I told her that didn’t matter, that dodgeball was just about having fun, and that I would help her learn the rules as we played. She smiled and joined the game, and although she really didn’t know the rules, she had tons of fun running around with her classmates, the fear in her eyes turned into a smile on her face and she went home happy that day.

 The next day, the first thing she did when she got to the club was run up to me and give me a high-five. Later that day her father came to pick her up at the end of the day, we engaged in some small talk and I asked him how his daughter was enjoying the club. He said she used to always ask, “Dad where can I play with some kids”, but now because of the Boys and Girls Club, she knows that she will be able to play with kids every day. It is safe to say that the Boys and Girls Club in Almond is having an impact on kids in the area by giving them a place to be kids together, in an area where that might otherwise not be possible.
Jessica S.
Parent of Jefferson Elementary Student
Thank you for taking time for orientation today. I’m really glad Brooklynn made the decision to go to BGC. It’s only been a couple weeks, but I've already seen a difference in her. Taking the time to go over homework and reading with her has been a benefit to her, and us as well. Please thank you and your staff for all that you guys do not only for our daughter, but all the kids. I wanted to tell you again how much Brooklynn wanted to be there, and how much BGC means to her.

We have responsibilities at our home, and we have chores they can do to earn money. No chores pays more than $.50. Brooklynn has worked for, and saved, all of her money. Each of the kids have money envelopes where 10% goes to church, and the balance is divided in thirds and broken out into Need, for items the need. Want, to be spent however they choose. Save, that goes in the bank and remains untouched. Brooklynn had $10 in each of her envelopes. She took all she had from her Want envelope to pay for her BGC costs knowing it will take her awhile to save up that much for her Want spending again. And just tonight she offered to take on more chores to earn money for the upcoming BGC fees in January.

I’m very proud that she chose how to spend her hard earned spending money. Thank you for providing a program that has driven a desire for something positive in our daughter. In a world going crazy, we are grateful for something so stable and positive for our kids to look forward to.
Allison started her Boys & Girls Club experience at our Homework Center where she was referred by her teachers. Over the next few weeks, Allison would only say a few words to me during Homework Center and was really struggling to complete all of her homework and missing assignments. Allison comes from a single family home and she doesn’t feel extremely comfortable in social situations and struggled with completing her homework assignments. I was concerned for Allison, not only academically, but socially as well. 

Over the next two months, I continued to greet Allison every day and work with her on her homework. In early January 2015, Allison came running into Homework Center with a huge smile on her face, Allison told me that she had decided to join FCCLA (Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America). FCCLA is an amazing club that provides numerous social, academic, and community opportunities to its members. This is an incredibly huge success for Allison, who just a few short months earlier was not comfortable talking to other people she didn’t know. Allison has kept her grades up, carefully manages her homework assignments, and willing participates socially and academically at Homework Center every day.  
 I take pride in being able to say I am a Boys & Girls Club staff because I know that our member’s successes are a direct result of the care and dedication put forth by the entire Boys & Girls Club of Portage County. My experiences with Allison will stay with me as I enter my teaching career. She showed me the importance of being consistent and to never assume or judge a child’s academic or social potential.
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