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We want to hear about your experience with Boys & Girls Club! Your story can help to inspire others to get involved and make a difference in the lives of our local youth. Whether you're a staff member, Club parent, alumni, volunteer, donor, or community member, SHARE YOUR STORY and tell us what you love about the Boys & Girls Club!

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Keely - Club Parent 
Last year, when we had moved to Stevens Point, I wasn't aware of any low cost child care alternatives.  Fast forward one year later- I was introduced to the Boys and Girls Club by my neighbor. My daughter loves going and I love the fact that all are welcome...not just people who can afford it. I know a lot of people just pay the $10 to enroll their child for the year....but I really felt like that $10 wasn't enough.  For the amount that I am saving in child care for my daughter, I feel it is my duty to donate as much as I can to the Boys and Girls Club. What the Club offers in opportunities for my daughter and for other children in our community is priceless. Not to mention that all kids get 3 FREE meals a day if they want them.  It is a safe place for all kids to go during the day and offers so much flexibility for parents. Parents no longer have to pay more/less depending on when their children will be there or paying a sitter to stay with your kids for the day. I hope that other families also give more, if they have the means. All kids are treated equally at the Boys and Girls Club, regardless of economic standing in the community. That is the way it should be!  I hope that others do their part to keep this good thing going, so the kids of Portage County can have even more to look forward to in the future.
Angela I. - Staff Member
Having been born and raised in Almond prior to the days of BGC, I know first-hand the need that is in the community for such an organization. Being a rural agricultural community, the extracurricular opportunities available to students are few and the out of school opportunities and even fewer. Add in the significantly high economic disadvantage faced by many of the families in the area and the opportunity for the average child to experience something more than the 8-3 school day is very low. The BGC fills this void and offers students something they may not otherwise receive. I am proud to be a part of it!

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